Woman Who Always Suffer from Stomach Ache, Found with Over 100 Tumors on her Body

From stomach ache to tumors

STOMACH ACHE to TUMORS – A malignant tumor was discovered in the ovary of a 29-year-old American woman who had what was initially believed to be a simple abdominal pain but what shocked the physicians even more was the discovery of more than 100 tumors throughout the body.

stomach ache to tumors
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Victoria Grande endured back and forth pain in her stomach for 10 years. Every time she gets a checkup, the doctors only tell her that she has constipation.

But in April 2022, her stomach ache had grown so much that he could barely stand because of the pain. After undergoing a CT scan, a tumor or lump of 11 centimeters in size was found on Grande’s right ovary.

It is possible that the tumor has continued to grow for the past 28 years. Doctors diagnosed Grande with growing teratoma syndrome.

“They told me [the tumor] had hair and skin. It was crazy to me. It had been growing for 28 years, but so slowly. It was hard to detect,” she said. “They told me it was like wrapping around my ovary and cutting off my blood supply. The cyst was so big it was pushing my organs up and it was like I was 20 weeks pregnant inside my body,” she added.

The tumor was removed by the medical professionals after a biopsy revealed it to be cancerous or malignant. Grande undertook a number of tests, and the results left the doctors even more shocked to discover that she had over 100 tumors spread throughout her body.

Throughout the course of Grande’s 10-hour procedure, some of her appendix, gallbladder, right ovary, right fallopian tube, and lung were also removed. Moreover, Grande underwent chemotherapy for six cycles, which was completed in October 2022. For now, there is no trace of other tumors in Grande’s body.

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