Helpful Guy Shares Useful Tips on How to Cook ‘Pancit Canton’

Helpful Guy Shares Life Hack on How to Cook ‘Pancit Canton’ (Easy Way)

For people who do not know how to cook, a helpful man has provided some useful tips on how to cook the all-time favorite ‘Pancit Canton’.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton is a popular brand of instant noodles in the Philippines. It is a household name and a go-to snack or meal for many Filipinos, especially those who are on the go or on a tight budget.

Pancit Canton’s popularity can be attributed to its affordability, convenience, and taste. It is also a popular snack among students and office workers who are looking for a quick and easy meal.

Helpful Guy

A set of photos demonstrating an easy way to cook Lucky Me Pancit Canton was recently shared by Jhim Otirb on Facebook. The post quickly went viral and garnered reactions from online users.

Jhim’s life hack for cooking pancit canton is intended to assist those who are unfamiliar with the process. His method involves boiling water in a pot and then pouring it over the noodles in a bowl.

He adds the seasoning to the noodles and covers the bowl with a plate, allowing it to cook for a few minutes. After a short while, Jhim drains the water and flips the bowl upside down to mix in the seasoning. The dish is now ready to be served.

Helpful Guy

Here is the full post:

Tips : life hack mga ka hampy

How to cook pancit canton po para sa mga hindi marunong.

#1 dapat mag pakulo na kayo ng tubig mainit

#2 kuha ka ng bowl na medyo ma lalim lagay ang noodles and water na mainit

#3 dapat may container kayo na may takip and put some season ingredients.

#4 itapon ang h2o then ilagay sa container ang noodles then alugin nyo lang ng alugin para mag mix

Yung mga natapon hayaan nyo lang yan means yan po yung nakaka sama sa tommy na fifilter kapag inalog thanks me later bye.

Helpful Guy
Helpful Guy

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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