Lady Netizen Captures ‘Headless Man’ Walking Towards Manila Cathedral

“Headless man” captured walking towards Manila Cathedral

HEADLESS MAN? – A lady netizen captured a “headless man” walking towards the Manila Cathedral via cellphone video.

headless man in Manila Cathedral
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

The Philippines is a stunning country with a rich history, culture, traditions, and, of course, superstitious beliefs or locally known as “pamahiin.” Filipino ancestors worshiped numerous gods, animals, and spirits. Worship was performed through various ceremonies, sacrifices, and customs. However, as a result of Spain’s long history of colonization in the Philippines, religious beliefs in the Philippines have shifted from animism to Christianity.

Superstitious beliefs, or pamahiin, continue to influence the daily lives of the Filipino people, from fortune, love, and marriage to family, illness, and death. It may appear unusual because there is no scientific explanation or whatever, but many people believe it because it typically serves as a warning for potential hazards.

One of the superstitious beliefs held by many Filipinos is that if a person appears in a photograph without a head, it means that the person’s life is about to end and burning the clothes worn by that person in the photograph can prevent the bad omen.

It was just recently when a certain Kaye Gonzales went to social media platform, Facebook wherein she posted a video of a man walking towards Manila Cathedral. The video was taken during the 9PM clanging of the bell and it appears that the man is headless.

Everything appears to be normal until a headless man was captured walking towards the church. In the video, the man wearing a white polo shirt appeared to be headless. Watch the video below:

The video uploaded by Gonzales has gone viral, garnering mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are the comments of the video:

But in the comment section, Gonzales shared that someone sent her a snap of the headless man from a CCTV featuring his whole body.

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