Rica Peralejo Shares Realization About Couples Celebrating Anniversaries

Rica Peralejo: “What we’ve realised is that couples celebrate their anniversaries because that in itself is a hard job.”

RICA PERALEJO – The celebrity mom recently shared her realization about couples who are celebrating their anniversaries.

Rica Peralejo and Joseph Bonifacio
Photo: Rica Peralejo / Instagram

It was last January 29 when Rica Peralejo and her husband Joseph Bonifacio celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. At that time, she shared a heartfelt message for her husband to mark their special day.

On Thursday, Rica posted a series of photos on her social media account – a photo that was taken last February 2010 and a series of photos taken earlier this month.

In the caption, Rica said it’s easy to look at them and say that they could have built so much more, accomplished much more, and acquired much more. She went on to share what she and her husband have realized in their 13 years of being together.

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According to her, they realized that couples celebrate their anniversaries because “that in itself is a hard job”.

It’s hard to stay together,” she wrote. “So 13 years apart, yet we are still rowing through the waters of life together, with two extra humans in tow, both of them healthy and all of us still alive, is a feat greater than riches and name and stature and material worth. Nvm we don’t add, for as long as we don’t lose each other.

It was last January 29 when Rica released a vlog on her YouTube channel on the day of their 13th wedding anniversary.

In the said vlog, she shared that it’s the third time that they’re vlogging a date outside for their anniversary. The two also talked about the things they like about each other, embarrassing moments, and how they need each other more than ever.

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