Japan Home Centre Branch to Accept ‘Sibuyas’ as Payment

Sibuyas as payment? Japan Home Centre has this offer

JAPAN HOME CENTRE – One of the branches of the Japanese store will accept “sibuyas” or onions as payment for purchased items.

Japan Home Centre
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A crucial component in Filipino cuisine, along with garlic, is the onion. Consumers were particularly hard-hit by the price increase during the year-end holidays, when food was a major focus of many gatherings. This led to many people venting their frustrations on social media.

Based on the retail prices of farm commodities tracked by the Department of Agricuture (DA) as of February 2, 2023, red onions were selling from 240 pesos to 310 pesos per kilogram, while the white variety was priced at 160 pesos to 260 pesos.

Because of the high cost of sibuyas, it is now also used to purchase goods. In fact, a branch of Japan Home Center will accept onions as payment for certain items purchased by the general public.

On Facebook, the Japanese store announced that Japan Home Centre – Panay Avenue branch will accept onion as payment in exchange for chosen product.

According to the store, one onion is equivalent to 1 item. Each customer is only allowed to purchase three (3) items. The store will still accept cash and coins as payment.

However, accepting “sibuyas” as payment will only be valid in the said Japapanese store on Saturday, February 4. The store noted that all collected onions will be used in their community pantry.

Meanwhile, Community pantries are food banks established by Filipinos during the country’s COVID-19 community quarantine.

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