Jeepney Driver Offering Gcash Payment to Commuters Goes Viral Online

Jeepney Driver Goes Viral for Offering Gcash Payment to Passengers

GCASH PAYMENT – A jeepney driver offering Gcash payment to commuters goes viral online after it was posted on social media.

Over the past few decades, jeepney has been one of the most popular public utility vehicles in the Philippines for offering an affordable fare to the Filipino commuters. Other PUVs charge a little bit higher compared to jeepneys.

A lot of Filipino people prefer to take public jeepneys for offering affordable fares to commuters. Some people love to ride jeepneys because it has been a part of Filipino culture and tradition.

Jeepney Driver

However, the commuters might experience inconvenience and trouble riding jeepneys while heading to their point of destination. Paying coins during the trip is one of the commuter’s struggles especially when they have paper bills only.

The Facebook page SuperBalita Davao has shared a photo of a public utility jeepney offering a Gcash payment mode to commuters. The post quickly circulates online and earns reactions from internet users.

In the photo, the jeepney looks like a regular public utility vehicle filled with passengers. It offers a 20 percent discount for students, senior citizens, and persons with disability but regular commuters have to pay the regular fare.

Jeepney Driver

Aside from the cash mode of payment, the jeepney driver is offering Gcash payment for passengers who have no coins. Several commuters run out of coins during the trip and end up paying large bills.

Commuters with no onhand cash can also use the digital platform. The jeepney has a route of Panacan-Roxas in Davao City.

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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