Donnalyn Bartolome “Maganda talaga pag binuntis” Remark Elicits Comments

Donnalyn Bartolome strikes again, vlogger’s latest remark elicits comments

DONNALYN BARTOLOME – The controversial vlogger is currently making rounds online following her “maganda talaga pag binuntis” remark.

Donnalyn Bartolome
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Earlier, she went to social media wherein she posted a screenshot of her interaction with a netizen admiring her beauty. “Grabe [sobrang] and nyo po. Nakakainsecure po talaga, lalo pag tumitingin na ako sa salamin after giving birth,” the netizen wrote.

Donnalyn responded to the netizen, telling her that she must be pretty because she was impregnated. “Ako walang bumubuntis. [rolling on the floor laughing emoji] parang talo mo ako sa ganda huwag ka nang ma-insecure diyan ha,” she said.

In the first part of her caption, she noted: “Maganda talaga pag binuntis [pregnant woman emoji].” The social media influencer also encouraged the netizens and all the mommies not to feel insecure because of the changes in their bodies.

Apparently, her remark did not sit well with some netizens. Despite, she has already deleted her post, there were internet users who were abloe to secure a screenshot of her interaction with the said netizen.

Donnalyn Bartolome has yet to issue any statement or explanation regarding her remark.

This is not the first time that she made rounds on social media this year. It can be recalled that in the early days of 2023, she earned a massive criticism due to her “back to work” post.

The social media influencer is wondering why many employees are sad when they return to work after the holidays. She exclaimed that they should be happy because there is another chance to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Because of her statement, she earned backlash from netizens with some calling her “inconsiderate,” “insensitive,” and spreader of “toxic positivity”.

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