Remember Gwiyomi Girl? This is her Now

Introducing… the Gwiyomi Girl of the Philippines

GWIYOMI GIRL – The internet sensation rose to fame after uploading a video of her doing the trend in 2013, but where is she now?

Gwiyomi Girl
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Gwiyomi is a song released on February 18, 2013 by South Korean singer Hari. It was inspired by a move popularized by South Korean rapper Jung Ilhoon of the boy band BtoB.

The ‘Gwiyomi Player’ gesture was popularized by the South Korean variety show Weekly Idol in a segment called “The Aegyo Battle” (Battle of Cuteness) following Ilhoon’s guest appearance on the show in October 2012.

After Korean media outlet Sports Seoul uploaded a video of Hari performing the gestures and singing the song, the song went viral and became an Internet meme. This video has since inspired many Asian internet users to create their own versions and upload them to the internet.

The song became a phenomenal hit in the country as well thanks to the Philippine’s Gwiyomi Girl named Vanessa Ignao. This is her now!

The internet sensation who is now 24-years-old was around 14-years-old when she did the Gwiyomi trend. She was wearing wristbands, bag and octopus hairstyle at the time.

“Ginaya ko lang po talaga sila. Sa text po nakikipag-usap ako ‘yung parang ‘Eow phOuz,’ ‘yung marami pong cheche boreche, letters at numbers,” she said in an interview via KMJS last year.

In the same interview, Gwiyomi Girl revealed that she was only 17 when she got pregnant. But she caught her partner cheating on her. Now, she has found the one who stand as father of her children.

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