Remember Elevator Girl Cheridel Alejandrino? This is her Life Now

Here’s an update about Elevator Girl Cheridel Alejandrino

ELEVATOR GIRL – Cheridel Alejandrino, a former elevator operator, gave an update about her life and her career.

Elevator Girl
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In 2013, Cheridel became famous while on duty as an elevator girl at SM Mall Olongapo, now SM Olongapo Downtown.

She was said to be a breaktime reliever back then- the one who takes the place of her colleagues who were taking breaks or day-offs.

Many were entertained by her funny and humorous way of speaking, especially greeting those who enter the elevator.

She even sings, makes eye-to-eye contact, and jokes with customers.

In short, she brought good vibes that’s why mallgoers and netizens were entertained.

A mallgoer took a video of her and uploaded it on YouTube. Eventually, her video became viral which made her famous.

This opened up many opportunities for her and she had guestings on various TV shows.

She also became a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother All-In (2014) and starred in a movie.

In short, she has experienced being part of showbiz.

But despite the unusual opportunity given to Cheridel, she chose a more private life. Cheridel did not quit her job at SM.

Where is Cheridel now?

Eight years since Cheridel went viral, Elevator Girl is now a marketing officer in the corporate marketing department of SM’s main office in Pasay City.

Moreover, she was also made the face of SM, and she is the one who promotes the activities of the mall.

Her small store is now a medium-sized sari-sari store. She’s also looking forward to building her own house.

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