Music To Ears Meaning & Sentence Examples

Music To Ears Definition, Sentence Examples

MUSIC TO EARS MEANING – Find out what music to ears really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

This idiom’s exact and authentic origin is unknown. However, it is simple to infer that it has to do with entertainment.

It is used when something is amusing to hear. James Fenimore Cooper used this expression in the following way in 1838.



  • anything that makes you feel calm
  • news that sounds good to someone and makes them happy
  • everything that is lovely and enjoyable to listen to
  • a sound or phrase that makes us laugh

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Here are examples of sentences that use music to ears:

  1. When my uncle said that he will make pizza for me at dinnertime, it was music to my ears.
  2. My dad said that we are going to watch a movie tonight, which was music to my ears.
  3. Everything she speaks becomes music to my ears.
  4. When William heard that his daughter and his son secured the first position in their final exams, it was music to his ears.

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