Nowhere Near Meaning & Sentence Examples

Nowhere Near Definition, Sentence Examples

NOWHERE NEAR MEANING – Find out what nowhere near really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

This idiom is derived from the phrases nowhere and near. “Nowhere” is an adverb that signifies not in any place or circumstance. Since 1803, people have been using the term. A place that is nonexistent, inaccessible, or remote is referred to as nowhere in a noun sense.

The other word in the idiom in the phrase indicates approach, which is why people use the term “in the middle of nowhere.” It has been in use since 1300 and signifies proximity as an adjective rather than distance.



  • not at all comparable.
  • not nearly
  • completely unlike
  • significantly less.

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Photo Source: The Free Dictionary

Here are examples of sentences that use nowhere near:

  1. Even though I perform well in science, I’m nowhere near as good as my brother.
  2. The bed she lie on was nowhere near as comfy as the one in her home.
  3. Henry’s nowhere near recovered from his experiences.
  4. Their home is nowhere near as beautiful as yours.

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