Young Boy with Disability Singing “Always Remember Us This Way” Goes Viral

Netizens praise a PWD for a soulful rendition of “Always Remember Us This Way”

INSPIRING SINGER – A boy who has a disability or PWD has gone viral, garnering praises online for his rendition of “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga.

PWD singer
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Singing has since become an important part of Filipino pop culture. Karaoke is a must-have at any reunion, outing, birthday party, or holiday celebration. It doesn’t matter if the singer isn’t as good as Celine Dion or Whitney Houston, to name a few, as long as the singer can enjoy the vibes and indulge in the music.

Apparently, not all Filipinos are gifted singers. But why are some so good? It’s most likely due to culture, as most families have their own karaoke machine at home. In this way, they may improve their voice and possibly become good singers.

Speaking of singing, a young boy, despite his disability continues to inspire many with his singing skills. During the International Day of Persons With Disabilities, Jann Anthony Gabutan made a soulful rendition of Always Remember Us This Way popularized by Lady Gaga and is one of the soundtracks of the movie, A Star is Born. Watch his performance in the video provided below:

Jann sang the song while sitting on the chair. His rendition has generated millions of views, thousands of reactions, comments and shares. One of the netizens commented: “Thank you so much for inspiring….May you continue to be a blessing for others mostly to PWDs…God bless!”

Another netizen commented: “Go on with your singing such a blessing you have a good voice from god,i am an advicate of people with special needs just keep positive in whatever you do and god will do the rest.”

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