Boy Singing Mashup Songs While Playing Guitar Goes Viral

Talented boy singing mashup songs

A video of a boy singing mashup songs while playing guitar is currently making the rounds online, touching the hearts of netizens.

singing mashup songs
Photo credit: Facebook/screengrab

Since then, singing has become a central part of pop culture in the Philippines. Events such as reunions, outings, birthday parties, or holidays are never complete without karaoke.

It doesn’t matter if the person isn’t as great as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and to name a few as long as the singer gets to enjoy the vibes and indulge with the music.

Apparently, not all Filipinos have the talent for singing. But why some are so good? It’s probably because of the culture since most families have their own karaoke machine at home. In this manner, they might enhance their voice and possibly become good at singing.

Meanwhile, a video of a boy playing guitar while singing mashup songs is currently making rounds online.

As of posting, the video has already earned more than 5 million views.

It was first posted by Facebook page, Mindanao Daily News with the caption: “Ang galing naman ng batang ito! isang bata sa maasim mindanao ang nagpakita ng talento sa pag-awit ng ibat-ibang kanta.”

It also generated mixed reactions from the netizens with some praising his skills that obviously reign despite his disability.

A netizen is hoping that a kind-hearted ophthalmologist will do corrective surgery on his eye.

Another netizen called on social media users to give him a new guitar.

Eventually, Kuerdas, a local seller of guitars, pledge they will give an acoustic guitar to the talented child.

Watch the video below:

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