Newlywed Couple Rides Motorcycle on Their Way to Reception

Instead of using a traditional bridal car, a newlywed couple rode a motorcycle on their way to reception venue

BRIDAL MOTORCYCLE – A newlywed couple riding a motorcycle on their way to the reception venue is making rounds online.

A wedding reception is a gathering that is typically hosted following a marriage ceremony as hospitality for guests. This is the couple’s first time meeting the relatives and friends as a married couple. Food and beverages are provided as well as wedding cakes.

Most cultures consider it customary to entertain visitors following a wedding ceremony. This might continue anywhere from 30 minutes to many hours or even days. The majority of wedding receptions take place in the evening over supper, although the newlywed couple has the option of having a luncheon, brunch, or even afternoon tea. The reception’s specifics and setting are ultimately determined by the newlyweds. In some cultures, the families of the bride and groom may hold separate wedding celebrations.

Speaking of, a newlywed couple went viral after riding a motorcycle on the way to the reception venue instead of the traditional bridal car. On Facebook, a certain Rowell De Dios posted a video of the candid moment with the caption: “Yung after ng Kasal sa Kapilya tapos nagMotor kayo papunta ng Reception.”

Watch the video in the link provided: Newlywed Couple Rides Motorcycle on Their Way to Reception

As of posting, the video has gone viral, garnerning thousands of views and reactions from the netizens. Here are the comments of some netizens:

While the video is being flooded with amazemen, a netizen reminded them to use a helmet next time.

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