Derek Ramsay Reacts After Seeing “Bday Gift” From Ellen Adarna

Derek Ramsay after seeing wife’s “Bday Gift”

DEREK RAMSAY — Actress Ellen Adarna recently took to social media to share how her husband reacts after seeing her “Bday Gift”.

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna

Derek is celebrating his 46th birthday on Wednesday, December 7. His wife wrote a birthday message for him to mark his special day.

Sharing photos and video clips of Derek and herself on her social media account, the actress greeted her husband and said that he’s her “one and only GOR”. She also expressed her love for her husband as well.

Happy 46 years to the love of my life, my one and only GOR. You may not look your age…but, you’re sooo mature,” Ellen Adarna wrote in the caption of her post. “I love you sooo much. I hope you play well today.

In a separate post on Instagram, the actress posted a photo of herself, her husband, and her child Elias hugging each other.

We love you so much birthday boi,” she wrote in the caption.

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Meanwhile, Ellen Adarna posted a video on her social media account where she showed her “Bday Gift” for her husband.

As seen in the video on Ellen’s post, the actress asked her husband to lay down in bed so she could give him a head massage. She then pulled out a mouse toy and held it right above his head.

Derek got caught off guard, shouted “No!”, and quickly stormed out of bed after seeing his wife’s “Bday Gift”.

Here’s the video:

To recall, it was last month when the celebrity couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary. At that time, the two celebrated their special day in Peru where they visited Machu Picchu and have also been busy touring Peru’s capital Lima.

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