Customer Shows Tips How to Outsmart Notorious Ice Cream Vendor’s Cone Tricks

Customer Goes Viral After Outsmarting Notorious Ice Cream Vendor’s Cone Tricks

A male customer has shown some tips on how to outsmart the cone tricks of a notorious Turkish ice cream vendor.

Getting the showmen (read vendor) to give you your Turkish ice cream cone is quite a challenge. We have all traveled that path. We failed to purchase Turkish ice cream and were left with an empty cone.

However, there are some customers who were not in the mood to fall for the trick and pulled off a way to outwit the vendor performing tricks.


The Facebook page “LADbible” has shared video footage of a male customer who beat the cone tricks of a Turkey’s ice cream seller. The video quickly spread online and earns reactions from the netizens.

Turkey’s ice cream sellers are infamous for their cone tricks but the lady figures out his revenge on how to beat the tricks of the vendors.

In the video, it can be seen that the guy eats the cone before the vendor takes it back to perform a cone trick. The vendor gives him a cone with ice cream but the seller ends up tricking him again.

The short-tempered customer take a bite with every cone he could handle. After biting three cones, the vendor gives up and served him in a proper method after failing to do his funny cone tricks.

The video has a caption:

Bet this guy is fun at parties..

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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