US VP Kamala Harris Denies Going to Palawan to Visit Resorts, Beaches

US VP Kamala Harris speaks on the Palawan trip during a bilateral meeting with PBBM

KAMALA HARRIS – The United States Vice President denied that she went to Palawan to visit the resorts and beaches there.

Kamala Harris and PBBM
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It was on Monday, November 21 when the US official went to Malacanang Palace as part of her three-day visit to the country which aims to fortify relations on the economic and security fronts as well as to emphasize America’s commitment to defending its treaty ally. According to Marcos, since his brief encounter with Harris in Thailand during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, the Philippines has been eagerly anticipating her visit.

He also took note of her visit to the province of the Philippines (Palawan) that is closest to China, which he had previously said shouldn’t be a problem because it is “very clear” on the territory of the archipelagic nation. During their bilateral meeting, Marcos quipped at one point that Harris had traveled to Palawan in order to enjoy its stunning landscape, including its resorts and beaches.

“We would have hoped to have shown you more of the Philippines. Although, I suppose you actually are doing that because you are seeing some of the prettiest parts of the Philippines in Palawan,” Marcos said. “And I’m sure you’re just going to the resorts and the beaches,” he added.

Harris quickly clarified that she was in Palawan for work and not a vacation though. She said: “That is not the life I’ve chosen these days.”

Marcos changed the subject after they both laughed. Then, some online commenters chastised Marcos for assuming Harris visited the Philippines for a vacation.

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