Jam Magno Comments on JAKKA Beach Resort Issue, Data Privacy Act

Here’s the reaction of Jam Magno on the issue of JAKKA Beach Resort vs vloggers

JAM MAGNO – The social media personality commented on the issue of JAKKA Beach Resort against vloggers as well as the Data Privacy Act.

Jam Magno
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A beach resort located in Davao Oriental is currently making rounds online due to their issue against vloggers K’Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Lagaan.

Earlier, the beach resort called out the vloggers, posting photos showing what happened to the villa wherein they stayed. One of the photos the resort management posted showed the trash that the group had left behind, including their leftover dishes.

The post prompted a discussion regarding how visitors ought to act when staying in rented accommodation. Apparently, there were netizens who chastised the management of the beach resort for “publicly shaming” the vloggers. One netizen even said that the resort may face a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Jam Magno, who’s popular on social media for giving her opinion on different issues involving celebrities, politicians, and personalities, commented on the issue as well as shared her insights about the R.A. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act.

According to her, the resort did not violate Data Privacy Act by mentioning the public page of vloggers in its post as R.A. 10173 encompasses private citizens. She claimed that the resort is not liable for the violation of data privacy since no privileged conversation between the management and the vloggers was posted on social media. She added that no personal things of the vloggers were exposed as well.

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Jam Magno said that what the resort exposed is their “kadamakan” and not private information. She cited for example a violation of data privacy the recent issue between talent manager Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake in which the former exposed his conversation with the latter.

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