Are Cats Allowed to Eat Chocolate? Here’s What You Should Know

ARE CATS ALLOWED TO EAT CHOCOLATE – One of the favorites of many people is chocolate and it is quite hard to sneak a bite withing your cat seeing it.

Many people are cat lovers. However, no matter how much you love your feline, there are still foods that you enjoy but cannot share with them.

Is Chocolate Good for Cats?

Wondering “Is chocolate good for cats?” – Here’s A Guide

IS CHOCOLATE GOOD FOR CATS – Do you have a cat and you are curious if your furry friend can eat some chocolate?

Cats are among the animals that many people want as pets. They are usually treated as family members and many individuals love them for being sweet and easy to house train.

Some people prefer cats over dogs as their playfulness is very easy to manage. They don’t usually run around unless there is a mouse that they could not resist running after.

Cats also don’t need a lot of grooming. It is one of the few animals that actually know how to clean themselves. They often do it by licking their fur.

Is Chocolate Good for Cats

When it comes to foods, there are human foods that cats can eat and there are also those that are bad for cats. Is chocolate good for cats?

Many first-time cat owners are wondering if chocolates are good for cats. Based on an article on Web MD, cats should not be allowed to eat chocolates as it can be lethal to them.

Chocolate is bad for cats because of its theobromine content. It is present even in white chocolates and can cause abnormal heart rhythm, seizures, tremors, and death in cats.

According to the article, among all the kinds of chocolates, the most dangerous for cats is dark chocolate. While chocolates won’t be attractive to cats that are carnivores or meat-eaters, the risk is on the part of first-time owners who might like to share a bit of what they are eating.

Aside from chocolate, other foods not advisable for cats include those with caffeine content, grapes and raisins, milk and other dairy products, onions, garlic, chives, tuna, raw eggs, liver, and yeast dough.

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