Why Do Dogs Howl?

Five Reasons Why Do Dogs Howl w/c Might Put Off the Myth

WHY DO DOGS HOWL – Here are five (5) reasons why some dogs make that siren-like sounds most especially at night or in the wee hours of the day.

Dogs, no matter how close they are to humans compared to other animals, still have mysterious ways. These usually make some dog owners uncomfortable and questions start to pop up.

One of the mysterious ways of dogs is howling. Why do dogs howl? It is true that they are seeing supernatural things whenever they are making the siren-like sounds?

Why Do Dogs Howl

Dogster cited that there are several reasons why do dogs howl. Here are five (5) things why your furbabies may be making siren-like sounds most especially at night:

  • Dog homing beacon – In some breeds most especially those that have a close link to the wolves, it may be a natural thing as wolves howl to bring back the pack after the hunt.
  • Dog marking boundary – Some dogs howl to warn other dogs or outsiders of their presence. It signals outsiders that they have claims on the territory – like a defense mechanism.
  • To attract attention – In some cases, dogs howl just to attract attention. Some dogs really want much attention from their owners thus they make this mysterious move to attract its owner although it just wants to play.
  • In response to stimuli – Dog howling may also be a result environmental triggers. As to Dogsters, it may be a response to the sounds they are hearing like the approaching sirens.
  • To alert of discovery or injury – Howling may also be a dog’s way to tell its owner of an injury it met or to relay a new discovery. It is like their way of vocalizing things.

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