Energetic Teacher Earns Praises Over “Hataw Moves” During Dance Practice of Students

Energetic Teacher Flexes “Hataw Moves” During Student’s Dance Practice

An energetic teacher earns praise and admiration from the netizens because of her ‘hataw moves’ during dance practice with her students.

Teacher is a worker hired in both private and public schools to teach young kids about academics. They were tasked to assist young students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue in order to become a better person.

Within the school premises, teachers also act as the second parents of the students. Teachers also want to ensure that their students are comfortable during class.

Energetic Teacher

The Facebook page “Ezah Cares Your Events” has shared video footage of a female teacher showing her ‘hataw moves’ during the dance practice of her students. The video garnered various reactions from netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the energetic teacher is assisting her young female students to practice their dance number. The teacher shows great enthusiasm and joy while instructing the children while playing the song “Pearly Shells”.

After a few moments, Teacher Ezah Pine has joined her students and flexed her ‘hataw’ and awesome moves. The female educator gives hER best and sets a good example to the young learners.

According to Ezah, her students were supposed to present their dance number for the Scouting Campfire. Unfortunately, the event has been canceled due to the inclement weather condition brought on by previous typhoons.

Here is the full post:

Dance practice for the Scouting Campfire sana, at ng bumagyo at di natuloy. Luoy tawn, excited na raba unta. Unsaun di natin hawak ang panahon

Sige lang mga anak, ang importante nalingaw ra gihapon tag sumayaw


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