Electrician with 35 Years of Experience Desperately in Need of Work Moved Netizens

Netizens were moved by an electrician desperately seeking a job

JOBLESS ELECTRICIAN – Netizens were moved by an electrician with 35 years of experience who was desperately in need of work.

jobless electrician
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An electrician is a tradesperson with expertise in wiring electrical systems for stationary machines, transmission lines, and other related equipment. Electricians may be hired to install new electrical components or to maintain and repair already-existing electrical infrastructure. In addition to wiring data and cable lines, electricians may also specialize in wiring ships, aircraft, and other mobile platforms.

In the US, electricians must typically complete a three to five years apprenticeship under the general supervision of a master electrician and typically the direct supervision of a journeyperson electrician before they can work unsupervised.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that electrician-related jobs are in demand in the US, there are still those left unemployed. One of them is a guy pictured by a certain Stilow Presenta.

Presenta recently went to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she posted a man who can be seen holding a placard that says he’s looking for a job. Based on the post, he’s an electrician with 35 years of experience.

The post has gone viral, garnering more than 53k reactions, over 3k comments and 24k shares. One of the netizens commented: “TRYING TO REACH HIM SO I CAN MAKE A RESUME FOR HIM BUT I COULDN’T REACH HIM.”

Meanwhile, netizens are hoping that he could find a job. There were also netizens who mentioned companies that might hire him.

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