Cold Hearted Meaning & Sentence Examples

Cold Hearted Definition, Sentence Examples

COLD HEARTED MEANING – Find out what cold hearted really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

In terms of medicine, having a cold heart denotes death. Therefore, to be cold-hearted while still alive is to not care about and love someone or something.

The expression can be combined with a hyphen as well. The saying first appeared in the 17th century.



  • very rude and unkind person
  • to be cold and uncaring
  • rudeness or lack of regard for others
  • not giving a damn about something

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Here are examples of sentences that use cold hearted:

  1. I am not cold hearted, but I had to separate from my family for my career.
  2. My mother can become downright cold hearted when she wants to.
  3. The cold hearted situation in this prison scares me.
  4. Don’t be so cold hearted, forgive them and speak with your children.
  5. I had no idea you could be so cold-hearted.

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