Carabao Photobombs Sweet Moment of Couple During Prenup

During an engagement session, a carabao photobombed the sweet moment of a couple

PHOTOBOMBER YARN? – A carabao caught the attention of netizens after photobombing a sweet moment of a couple having a prenup shoot.

carabao on prenup
Photo credit: Moki Cruz Photography

Prenuptial portraits have become an essential part of wedding preparations. It allows the engaged couple to bond again while also giving them a taste of what will happen on their wedding day on a smaller scale.

Among the things that a couple should consider before having a prenup shoot are the following; look for prenup pegs, create a fun theme, and plan your props and outfits ahead of time, experiment with different looks, choose a location you’ll be comfortable in, and bond with suppliers like the photographer, videographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist.

Prenup shoots are also common in the Philippines. Usually, couples undergo engagement session days after their engagement or a month before their wedding.

It was just recently when Moki Cruz Photography shared some snaps during the engagement session of Wil and Marge. But in one of the snaps, a carabao, a domestic swamp-type water buffalo native to the Philippines, photobombed. In the photo, the couple can be seen intimately staring at each other while the carabao is looking at them, probably thinking about what they are doing in his territory.

The cute photo had gone viral on the social networking site, Facebook, garnering mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are the comments of netizens:

A netizen wrote: “Pinang frame ung subject.” Another netizen commented: “When you’re such a nature lover and loves animal on top of that.”

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