Adorable Couple Goes Viral Over Budget-Friendly Prenup Shoot

Netizens Praise This Adorable Couple For Their Budget-Friendly Prenup Shoot

An adorable couple goes viral and earned praises from the online community because of their budget-friendly prenup shoot.

The Facebook page “PINAS News Flash” has shared the photos of a couple who did a budget-friendly prenup shoot. The post spread like a wildfire online and garnered praises from the netizens.

The couple Zee Maxino and Bev Zulueta have their pre-nuptial photoshoot at the furniture store IKEA Philippines. Initially, the couple don’t want to have their prenup shoot because it was quite expensive.

Adorable Couple

However, with the help of their friends, Zee and Bev have an incredible moment of creativity during the photoshoot at IKEA. The two went to the store like normal shoppers without makeup and costumes.

Bev said that the bougie ambiance of the store and her chemistry with Zee made their prenup shoot extra special.

“We went ahead to IKEA just like ordinary window shoppers, no glam makeup, no grand costumes, just our usual casual get up when we go on dates, I think the dynamics of my friends, the bougie ambiance of IKEA plus the natural chemistry of my husband and me have done its magic to make the shoot beautiful,” Bev said.

Adorable Couple

The bride also advised her fellow couples to be creative if they want to save money.

“Use your creativity, or in our case, our friend lends us a helping hand to make things possible, May konting hiya pero public place pero okay lang, importante we enjoyed the experience without spending much,” the woman added.

Adorable Couple
Adorable Couple
Adorable Couple

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