Couple Goes to Gasoline Station for Prenup Photoshoot Amid Oil Price Hike

Prenup at the gasoline station

“EXPENSIVE VENUE” – A couple is making the rounds online following their prenup photos taken at a gasoline station amid the oil price hike.

Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Nowadays, many people are struggling due to the continuous increase in the prices of oil in the Philippines. It was January when the prices of oil started to take an upward trend.

The Department of Energy previously cited the huge global demand for oil as the main reason for the oil price hikes. According to the authorities, the prices of oil may continue to increase until May or June.

The consecutive oil price hikes in the country can also be attributed to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

To recall, it was in the early hours of February 24 when Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war against Ukraine via his State of the Nation Address.

In his statement, Putin believes that the leading members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) particularly the US was threatening to take over Russia.

NATO is an alliance of European and North American countries established to promote peace.

Led by the US, NATO- aimed to protect Western European countries from the threat of the Soviet Union and combat the spread of communism after World War II.

Meanwhile, a couple is currently making rounds online following their prenup photos taken at a gasoline station.

The couple is identified as Edmyr Marcial and Monica Carranza.

According to the photographer, they saw the gas station and immediately thought it would be good to do a prenup photoshoot at the “expensive venue”.

As expected, the photos which were reposted by News5 on its Facebook page earned mixed reactions from the netizens.

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