Chito Miranda Throws Shade at Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s Banning of K-Dramas

Here’s the opinion of Chito Miranda on foreign shows

CHITO MIRANDA – The frontman of OPM band threw shade at the statement of Senator Jinggoy Estrada on banning K-dramas.

Chito Miranda
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Chito Miranda whose real name is Alfonso Yanga Miranda Jr. is a singer-songwriter who’s known as one of the founding members and lead singer of the band Parokya ni Edgar.

Aside from Chito, the OPM band is composed of Buwi Meneses on bass guitar, Darius Semaña on lead guitar, Gab Chee Kee on rhythm guitar, Dindin Moreno on drums, percussion, and Vinci Montaner on backing vocals.

Originally, Parokya ni Edgar was called ‘Comic Relief’. However, they decided to change the name in homage to a Noli me tangere joke in their student days.

Miranda is good friends with fellow Filipino artists Kamikazee vocalist Jay Contreras, and rappers Gloc-9 and the late Francis Magalona.

Chito Miranda is married to former actress-turned-businesswoman Neri Naig. The two have two kids already.

Recently, he went to the microblogging site, Twitter wherein he threw a shade at the controversial statement of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada about banning K-dramas.

According to him, “targeting foreign shows or acts is not the solution for the lack of support towards local shows and artists.”

“Coming up with better shows and songs, is,” he added.

It can be recalled that during the Senate hearing on the 2023 budget of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) on Tuesday, October 18, Estrada proposed a ban on Korean dramas, claiming that Filipino artists are losing opportunities as local audiences favor more foreign works.

According to him, if the country continues to air Koreanovelas, lots of Filipino artists lose their jobs and income.

Eventually, he clarified his earlier statements about Korean dramas, saying he uttered such “out of frustration”.

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