Loving Grandma Goes Viral for Taking Good Care of Her Grandkids

Loving Grandma Goes Viral for Taking Good Care of Her Grandkids

A loving grandma goes viral and earns praises online for taking good care of her grandchildren despite her old age.

Senior citizens were older adults and especially those who were aging 65 years or older. They were supposed to retire from their jobs and spend the remaining years of their lives with family and loved ones.

However, some elderlies are still working to earn money for their families while some of them take good care of their grandkids after their retirement.

Loving Grandma

A Facebook user named Kian Laurence has shared a photo of an elderly grandma who takes good care of her grandchildren before and after school. The post garnered praise from the online community.

In the photo, it can be seen that the loving Lola carries the bags and belonging of her little grandkids. The senior citizen patiently carries the heavy bags of two kids after picking them up from school.

Kian also lauded the grandma for her unconditional. The elderly lady brings and picks up her grandchildren despite her old age just to ensure their safety.

“Di ko po sila kaano ano, nakasabay ko lang po sila sa jeep. then tinulungan ko po si nanay sa mga dala nya, kasi nahihirapan po kasi siya and natuwa lang ako kay nanay. Kasi Kahit gaano kahirap lalo na sa edad nya ginagawa pa ren nya yung part nya (bilang Lola).” Kian said.

The post has a caption:

“First day of School 

Walang makakapantay sa pag mamahal ng Lola”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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