Jun Abines ‘Misses’ Former President Rodrigo Duterte

June Abines on Duterte: “Missing the living legend”

JUN ABINES – The blogger took to social media wherein he posted a lengthy statement expressing how he missed former President Rodrigo Duterte.

Jun Abines and Duterte
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In his post, Abines said that even if some people want him to extend his term, Duterte will not be able to return to the presidency because the constitution only allows a president for a six-year term.

He couldn’t help but wonder how far the Philippines would have progressed if Duterte had reigned for another six years and his successors had been half as good as he was.

Abines, on the other hand, believes that history may not be kind to the former president, particularly given that he allegedly clashed with a number of powerful people during his tenure.

According to him, the president has only been out of office for almost three months but some communities already feel that Duterte is no longer in charge.

“He was the leader who did not crave his presence to be noticed. He just did his thing and things his way and get results. Now his absence is felt,” he said.

Jun Abines is also wondering where the former president learned his style of leadership.

“Too many questions needs to be asked. So Philippines and Filipinos or even the world can have a glimpse of what’s going on inside his head,” he said.

Here’s the message of Jun Abines on Duterte:

Meanwhile, Duterte served the country as the chief executive from 2016 until President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., took over last June 30.

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