JOVELYN GALLENO – Last and Final Statement from Galleno Family (READ)

Here’s the last and final statement from the family of Jovelyn Galleno

JOVELYN GALLENO – The family of the missing lady took to social media wherein they posted their last and final statement.

Jovelyn Galleno
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It was on August 5 when Jovelyn was declared missing after entering a mall in Palawan.

At the time, many believed that she wasn’t able to get out of the said mall but with the help of the authorities, it was found out that she rode a multicab on her way home.

It was on August 24 when Leobert Dasmariñas, a cousin of Jovelyn, confessed how he and Jovert Valdestamon molested and killed the 22-year-old graduating student.

At one point, Dasmariñas told the police where he and Valdestamon buried the remains of Jovelyn.

A few weeks later, Leobert retracted his statement but it turned out in the DNA testing conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP) that the remains found were of Galleno.

Last September 15, it was confirmed via DNA testing conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that the remains found were indeed belonging to Jovelyn.

Presently, Leobert is facing multiple charges and he will not get any support from Senator Raffy Tulfo after he failed the lie detector test. On the other hand, Jovert passed the polygraph test.

Meanwhile, the family of Jovelyn posted on social media their last statement regarding the case.

In their statement, Galleno thanked those who have been with them in their quest to find justice for Jovelyn.

Galleno family is also asking the netizens to accept the truth that she’s already gone.

Here’s the statement of the Galleno family:

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