Jorryme Vodisek on Shaira Mae Boyonas: “She’s working at the bar to victimize foreigners”

Jorryme Vodisek claims Shaira Mae Boyonas works at the bar to victimize foreigners

JORRYME VODISEK – The estranged wife of Ales Vodisek claimed that the latter’s “best woman” Shaira Mae Boyonas is working at the bar to victimize foreigners.

Jorryme Vodisek and Shaira Mae Boyonas
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Jorryme, Ales and Shaira made rounds on social media following their wedding photos.

Netizens accused Shaira of being clingy to Ales, the estranged husband of Jorryme. They were even accused of having a romantic relationship.

Shaira and Ales denied the accusations hurled against them.

Ales has already returned to his home country in Slovenia.

He also cut off his ties with Jorryme, however, they are yet to legally settle the matter.

At one point, Jorryme pleads to netizens to stop bashing Ales. This turned the table and many lost sympathy towards her despite the stress and difficulties she had gone through.

On the other hand, Shaira is living a happy life and recently, she introduced her new “boyfriend”.

But according to her, Lewis, her new friend, is just a friend of hers.

Apparently, it seems that the issue between Jorryme and Shaira is not yet over.

In her latest vlog, Jorryme claimed that Shaira Mae is working at a bar and is victimizing foreigners.

Shaira is only the one working in the bar, I know Shaira is working in the bar because it is to victimize a lot of foreigners because their target market are foreigners,” she said.

Shaira Mae has yet to give any reaction to the latest accusation thrown by Jorryme.

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