GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA ISSUE – Ales Vodisek Returns to Slovenia, Gives Message to Wife Jorryme

Ales Vodisek reacts to the appearance of his wife Jorryme on KMJS

GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA ISSUE – Ales Vodisek has returned to his home country, Slovenia.

Ales Vodisek
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Ales, the husband of Jorryme, has aired his side following the revelation of his wife on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS).

In a video, Ales shared that he has already returned to Slovenia.

Ales called Jorryme a “serial liar” and explained why he’s not in favor that her wife has taken loans for their wedding.

According to him, Jorryme doesn’t have any money to pay for the money she owed yet still continued taking loans.

Ales said that Jorryme and her family planned to buy a house and lot and other stuff using their money. However, it may not become possible following their separation.

He also denied that he married Jorryme in order to stay longer in the Philippines because he said he can stay in the country for three years.

There’s no point for me to get married just for visa, it’s pointless that I’m there for visa and I’m not running from anybody, everybody knows where I am, you cannot hide from my country they have a very sufficient method of tracking the citizens,” he said.

Watch the video below:

He also complained that his wife doesn’t know how to cook and only reheat their meals.

Ales said he tried to become a good husband to Jorryme but realized that his wife will never change.

The Slovenian national is hoping that it could be the last time he will air his side on the issue.

It can be recalled that the netizens came across their issue after Jorryme exposed her convo with Ales and Shaira and at the same time shared some snaps of their wedding.

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