Jim Paredes Calls Former President Duterte “Satan”

OPM singer Jim Paredes calls ex-President Duterte “Satan” in a photo comment

JIM PAREDES – The APO Hiking Society member called former President Rodrigo Duterte, “Satan.”

Jim Paredes and Duterte
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It’s been months since Duterte left the Palace.

He served the country as the chief executive from 2016 until President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., took over last June 30.

The presidency of Duterte was among the controversial administrations.

Because of this, he was criticized by those who were against his admin.

One of his staunch critics is no less than the singer, Jim Paredes.

It was just recently when a Twitter user @MashaMasha2022 took to the microblogging site wherein she posted a photo of Duterte and his former assistant, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go.

The netizen asked what’s the best caption for the two.

Among those who responded is Paredes, who wrote: “Satan and his apprentice.”

Meanwhile, Paredes is a member of the legendary OPM group, APO Hiking Society, or simply APO.

It was in 1969 when it was first established at the Ateneo de Manila high school, with 15 members: John Paul Micayabas, Lito de Joya, Sonny Santiago, Gus Cosio, Renato Garcia, Chito Kintanar, Kenny Barton, Bruce Brown, Butch Dans, Kinjo Sawada, Ric Segreto Macaraeg, Goff Macaraeg, Doden Besa, Jim Paredes, and Boboy Garovillo.

After graduation, the majority of its members left to pursue individual careers. Now, it only has three members remaining.

The group has released 27 albums in four decades of its career. It is behind the hit songs; Panalangin, Ewan, Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba, When I Met You, Pumapatak Ang, Batang-Bata Ka Pa, Awit ng Barkada, Doo Bidoo and to name a few.

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