Former Seaman Who Became a Bee Farmer Now Earns as Much as 6 Digits

Meet Mac Bergonio, a former seaman who’s now a bee farmer

MAC BERGONIO – The former seaman who worked as a seafarer for almost a decade is now a bee farmer and is earning as much as six digits.

former seaman to bee farmer
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Mac, 36, worked as a seafarer for 8 to 9 years. However, he was not able to establish any property in his almost a decade working as a seaman.

When he decided to become a bee farmer, selling honey products, his income reached six digits.

Mac is now a bee farmer of Los Pepes Farm in Indang, Cavite.

When asked how he entered bee farming, he said: “Napunta po ako sa pag-aalaga ng bubuyog dahil yun nga yung mga panahong wala akong kinikita.”

“Na-introduce sa akin ng biyenan ko yung pag-aaalaga ng stingless bees,” he added.

According to him, he was not able to return to seafaring after having an ear problem.

Stingless bees are called “lukot” in Tagalog. Their scientific name is tetragonula biroi or tetragonula sapiens.

Mac mentioned that because of lukot, they are now building their dream house.

He said their business boomed during the pandemic since everyone became health conscious.

He said that there were times their business is not running smoothly, and their income is not good. But there were times they are earning as much as six digits.

Mac shared that stingless bees are the kind of bees that are native to the Philippines.

“Ang kaibahan ay wala silang tibo o sting. Nangangagat po sila, pero hindi sila naninibo,” he said.

Taking care of the stingless bees is also not crucial.

Los Pepes Farm has 200 “colonies” made of recycled materials such as an old chair and an old bag.

Mac said that the colonies are dirty and old because it serves as their protection from invaders.

Meanwhile, aside from natural honey, they are also selling throat spray, lip balm, mosquito balm, and ointment made of honey. They are selling the pollen as multivitamins.

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