Former Teacher Who Migrates in Italy Now Earns P120k/Month

Former Teacher Migrates in Italy to be With his Wife & Now Earns P120k/Month

A former teacher in the Philippines who choose to leave and migrated to Italy now earns P120, 000 per month from farming.

A former teacher named Lito Mandigma ha shared his inspiring story after leaving his teaching profession in the country to migrate to Italy to be with his wife. He is now earning P120, 000 per month.

Mandigma grew up on a farm in Maluna, Quezon and his dream job is farming. However, life brought him to the path of being a teacher. The latter worked as an elementary teacher, which is quite exhausting for his experience.

Former Teacher

“Noong nagtuturo ako, maghapon akong nagtuturo, minsan masakit sa ulo. Pagdating mo sa bahay magsusulat ka pa ng lesson plan, walang katapusan ang pag aaral,” Mandigma said.

During that time, Mandigma’s wife is working as an OFW in Italy. Eventually, Lito decided to work as a domestic worker in Italy to be with his beloved wife. He finds it easy to earn money abroad.

The latter shared that hard work and a positive attitude helped him to earn cash. Aside from housekeeping jobs, he is also working as a barber and farmer.

Former Teacher

As years go by, the OFW leased a 150-square-meter garden from the Italian government and grows vegetables such as talbos ng kamote, upo, talong, sitaw, patola, kalabasa, mustasa, kamatis, luya, and ampalaya.

He can earn up to P128,000 by selling the crops he harvested from his garden.

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