Bianca King Shares Some Homemade Food She Eats During Pregnancy

Bianca King: “Food ideas for anyone”

BIANCA KING — The soon-to-be mom recently took to social media to share some homemade food that she ate during pregnancy.

Bianca King
Photo: Bianca King / Instagram

The former actress recently posted a video on her Instagram account where she shared some homemade food that she ate during pregnancy.

Bianca shared that she struggled to think of what to eat on some days, especially when she had nausea. She added that Filipino food always hit the spot when she needed “something warm and satiating”.

Making your own food at home, whether pregnant, conceiving, or not is one way to be a little healthier since you know exactly what’s going into your food,” she wrote. “Go for whole foods, eat from nature – not a packet, try low carb on most days, but also indulge when you have a craving. Just make up for it with a salad the next day!

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As seen in the video posted on her social media account, Bianca shared what homemade food she ate during pregnancy.

Bianca King and Ralph Wintle tied the knot in June 2021, some 2 years after meeting each other at the wedding of Ben Wintle and Iza Calzado in Palawan. She announced in August that she’s expecting her first child.

In an interview on “Updated with Nelson Canlas” podcast, she shared that she didn’t want to know the gender of her baby because it’s one of the biggest surprises she will ever have in her life.

The former actress also said that she loves big or small surprises, adding that she didn’t want to think of the name of her baby yet while she’s pregnant.

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