Bianca King Reveals She, Husband Already Considering IVF Before She Got Pregnant

Bianca King: “It was an amazing surprise, I couldn’t believe it. We were in shock for weeks”

BIANCA KING — The former actress recently revealed that she and her husband Ralph Wintle were already considering IVF (in-vitro fertilization) before she got pregnant.

Bianca King and Ralph Wintle
Photo: Bianca King / Instagram

Bianca and her husband are excited about welcoming their first child. However, she revealed in an interview on the “Updated with Nelson Canlas” podcast that getting pregnant was not as easy as it seemed.

The former actress recently opened up about how she and her husband even considered IVF before she naturally got pregnant.

Well, meron talagang problema. Kung ano man yon—I think the part that I’ll leave out of the public. But also the frustration is real,” she said. “Pagod is real because when you want something so much, and you’re working so hard to get it and you’re not getting it, nakakapagod din siya.

Bianca and Ralph already started consulting with a doctor to see where they stand. Besides, the former actress didn’t want to waste any more time.

According to her, she and her husband were already decided about doing IVF so when she missed her period and her pregnancy tests kept coming back “positive”, she admitted that she’s in “total shock”.

The former actress also emphasized that getting pregnant came like God’s gift at the right time.

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Biaca was also asked how she and her husband took the news of her natural pregnancy.

According to her, she’s “giggling” because she has never experienced that before but her husband started shedding tears when he knew that she naturally got pregnant.

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