TONI GONZAGA – Production Number of Singer-Host in ALLTV Criticized by Ogie Diaz

Production number of Toni Gonzaga in ALLTV criticized by Ogie Diaz

OGIE DIAZ – The talent manager-vlogger criticized the production number of Toni Gonzaga in ALLTV.

Toni Gonzaga
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Toni whose real name is Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano is a singer, host, actress, producer, vlogger, and entrepreneur.

She is the former lead host of the long-running reality show, Pinoy Big Brother.

It was earlier this year when she decided to step down as the main host of PBB after supporting the candidacy of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Now that she’s no longer part of the Kapamilya Network, she recently signed a contract under AMBS, a network owned by former senator, and billionaire businessman Manny Villar.

It was on September 13 when ALLTV, a flagship of AMBS was launched on Channel 2.

One of their talents who participated in its first premiere is Toni.

Toni had a production number. However, some were not satisfied with her performance and among those is Ogie Diaz.

In his post, Ogie said that he just ‘smirked’ when he watched the said performance of the actress-host.

According to the talent manager, there seems to be something wrong with the sound quality of Toni’s performance and he also believes that even the TV host will not like his performance on AllTV when he watches it.

Ogie said he understands that mistakes are inevitable, especially since the network has just started.

Aside from Ogie, netizens also criticized the production of Toni Gonzaga on ALLTV.

Toni has yet to give any comment on the criticisms she has been receiving.

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