BB Gandanghari Video Recalling Rustom-Carmina-Anjo Past Issue Goes Viral on Tiktok

Old video of BB Gandanghari recalling past issue of Rustom, Carmina and Anjo goes viral on TikTok

BB GANDANGHARI – An old YouTube confession video of the former actor about his old self, Rustom Padilla, and ex-wife Carmina Villarroel has gone viral on TikTok.

BB Gandanghari on Rustom-Carmina issue
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On Tuesday, September 13, a TikTok user took to the video-sharing platform wherein he posted a 4-minute spliced clip from the YouTube video of BB in 2020 titled: “BB.uncut: Chapter 2- You And Me Against World.”

The uploader’s post was accompanied by the caption: “Grbe Ung Pain”

In the said clip, BB Gandanghari was talking about the past issue between Rustom and Carmina in October 1994 which marked the beginning of their broken marriage.

BB clarified that Carmina did not add anything or edit out from the story which made Rustom furious.

“Sinabi lang niya, as it is,” he said.

At the time, Carmina just returned home, with a sad face, after taping the sitcom Palibhasa Lalake on ABS-CBN.

Rustom asked his wife what happened and Carmina only said that something happened during their taping.

Rustom insisted to Carmina what transpired at the taping, to which she replied: “Si Anjo [Yllana], nagbiro.”

To make the long story short, the issue escalated involving the Padilla brothers, particularly Robin, Rommel, and Royette and it even reached the Senate.

Watch the video below:

@mr.rpadilla Grbe Ung Pain:&lt #fyp #foryoupage #carminavillaroel #rustompadilla #bbgandanghari ♬ original sound – gandanghari

As of press time, the confession of BB Gandanghari which was reuploaded on TikTok has already earned more than 4.2 million views.

Unfortunately, the comment section was disabled in the said video.

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