P16k Hair Braiding Issue in Boracay – President of Hairbraiders Association Speaks up

Here’s the response of the president of the hair braiders association in Boracay on the P16,000 hair braiding issue

BORACAY P16K HAIR BRAIDING – The president of the hair braiders association in the area has finally spoken up about the issue.

hair braiding in Boracay
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It was on August 7, 2022, when a hotel manager in Boracay complained after one of his guests was charged P16,000 for the hair braiding of his daughter.

“I’m the manager of Levantin, a small hotel in Bulabog. This happened to one of our guests and we are also complaining about it here in the Boracay community,” the hotel manager said.

But according to Jomar Saan alias Mara, the president of Malay Boracay Vendors, Peddlers, Masseurs, Manicurist and Hairbraiders Association Inc., the foreign tourist agreed to the braider that the hair braiding of his daughter would cost as much as sixteen thousand pesos.

Saan said that the child chose different styles and it took five hours before it was finished, therefore the P16,000 payment is correct.

Saan stressed that the hotel manager’s post was just a “paninira.”

Click the link to watch the interview of Jomar Saan:

Jomar Saan’s interview about the hair braiding issue

In an article, dailybncnews.com stated that hair braiding in Boracay is usually not more than P1000.

However, some vlogs surfacing online showed that there were tourists charged thousands after undergoing the hair makeover.

There were also tourists who dubbed the hair braiding in Boracay, a “scam”.

The hotel manager has yet to issue a statement with regards to the response of the group about his complaint.

The local government unit of Malay has yet to make a comment as well.

Meanwhile, the issue has caught national attention. Watch the report below:

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