Badminton Coach Gives Shoes to Opponent After His Shoes Broke During Game

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Badminton Coach Earns Praises Online for Giving Shoes to Opponent After His Shoes Broke During Match

A badminton coach shows the best sportsmanship example by giving his shoes to the opponent after the player’s shoes broke during the game.

The athlete’s skills really determine their performance but equipment and gears can also affect the way they play. Coaches are tasked to secure that their players have the best equipment during the game.

A few days ago, the video footage of a Malaysian coach who offered a pair of badminton shoes to a Jamaican player after his shoes broke in the middle of the game. The garnered praises and admiration online.

Badminton Coach

The incident happened during the badminton match between Malaysia and Jamaica during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. The shoes of a Jamaican badminton player named Samuel Rickets broke during the match.

The Malaysian player Ng Tze Yong and his coach Hendrawan hurried to offer him a pair of badminton shoes. Luckily, the shoes fit the Jamaican’s feet and the game resumed after a few minutes.

Malaysian team won the match with a score of 5-0 and acquired a place in the quarter-finals, which will be held in South Africa. The group proves their sportsmanship and wins the game fair and square.

However, the Malaysian’s coach kind gesture resonated in the sports community and earned praise from social media users. The coach did not hesitate to help his team’s opponent, which may give him an advantage during the match.

The netizens expressed their reactions to the heartwarming video:

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