Worker Found Dead Inside Egg Incubator

A worker at poultry in Cavite was found lifeless inside an egg incubator, the victim possibly succumbed to electrocution

EGG INCUBATOR – An employee at poultry in Indang, Cavite was found dead inside a hatching machine on Friday, July 8.

egg incubator accident
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An accident might happen anytime… whether onboard a vehicle, in the middle of shopping, while having a vacation and etc. Despite being extra cautious, it’s inevitable to sometimes get into accidents because of the careless people in our surroundings.

Among the most common accidents in the country are road accidents. Every day, hundreds of people die due to road accidents.

In fact, in the year 2020, a total of 345 Filipinos per day die due to transport accidents.

Also considered one of the leading accidents are those that happen in the workplace or are known as occupational accidents.

On Friday, a man was found dead inside an egg incubator in Indang, Cavite.

The victim was identified as Bonafarte Nava, 23-year-old, and a resident of Brgy. Mataas na Lupa.

Based on the investigation, Nava might have been electrocuted while inside the egg incubator owned by Philmalay Poultry Breeding.

Photo credit to the owner

Police Chief Master Sergeant (PCMS) Arnel Julian of Indang Police said the consultant of the poultry contacted them after seeing the employee at around 3:25 pm, lifeless while inside the egg incubator.

An incubator is a device simulating avian incubation by keeping eggs warm at a particular temperature range (37.5 °c for chicken eggs) and in the correct humidity with a turning mechanism to hatch them.

Note: Details about the incident will be added once available.

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