Raymond Gutierrez Gets Into a Car Accident in the US

Richard’s twin brother Raymond Gutierrez got into car accident

RAYMOND GUTIERREZ – The popular host got into a car accident in Los Angeles in the US.

Raymond Gutierrez
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

An accident might happen anytime… whether onboard a vehicle, in the middle of shopping, while having a vacation and etc.

Despite being extra cautious, it’s inevitable to sometimes get into accidents because of the careless people in our surroundings.

Even celebrities also get into an accident.

Recently, Raymond Gutierrez took to the image-sharing platform, Instagram wherein he shared some snaps of the accident he figured showing the crushed and deformed portion of his rid.

Fortunately, he was wearing a seat belt during the impact.

In another photo, he shared a picture of a black car bumped into a fire hydrant. Then, he shared via clip an update about him after the accident.

He said he’s fine but a little bit dizzy that’s why he decided to go home and rest. He claimed that it wasn’t really his driver’s fault.

According to him, he doesn’t drive but it’s still on his to-do list while in LA. Raymond Gutierrez is hoping that the accident won’t make him even more apprehensive.

Meanwhile, Raymond Kristoffer Rama Gutierrez is the son of Eddie Gutierrez and talent manager Annabelle Rosales Rama-Gutierrez. He’s also the younger brother of Ruffa and twin brother of actor Richard Gutierrez.

He began acting as a child with his twin Richard. He has also worked with his father and his other siblings in some Filipino movies.

After living for a few years in the Philippines, his family moved to Beverly Hills, California.

It was on August 1, 2021, when Raymond came out as gay in an interview with MEGA Entertainment magazine.

He is well-known in the country because of his hosting skills. In fact, among those who admire him is an American media personality, Ryan Seacrest.

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