Video of Bulol Enforcer Accusing Car Driver of Committing Traffic Violation Goes Viral

Bulol Enforcer Earns Criticisms After Accusing Car Driver of Committing Traffic Violation

The video footage of a bulol enforcer having an exchange of argument with a car driver circulates online and elicits comments from netizens.

Traffic enforcer is a personnel hired by the local government agencies to help control and manage the flow of traffic along the road. Road officers are also tasked to prevent accidents along the road.

Road officers are also authorized to apprehend motorists who will commit traffic violations. However, they should impose the traffic rules and regulations with love, respect, and consideration.

Bulol Enforcer

A Facebook user named Carl Bassalaje has shared the video footage of a traffic enforcer who argued with a car driver over an altercation. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the social media users.

In the video, it can be seen that a traffic enforcer is accusing Bassalaje of committing a traffic violation. The car driver explained his side of the story and insisted that he did not commit a traffic violation.

Bassalaje explained that he purchased a meal from Jollibee and the fast-food crew told him to park at the spot. He just swerve to leave the lane and prevent causing inconvenience along the road.

However, the traffic enforcer repeatedly accused him of making U-turn in a strictly prohibited area. The argument lasts for a couple of minutes.

Here is the full post:

“Ano ba kasi yun sir bulol bulol ka diko maintinidhan eh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 2rhymes 2rhymes lang”

The social media users expressed their reactions t to the video:

Bulol Enforcer

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