Rowena Guanzon has This Response on Tirade of Annabelle Rama

Rowena Guanzon vs Annabelle Rama

ROWENA GUANZON – The P3PWD party-list representative responded to the tirade of talent manager Annabelle Rama.

Rowena Guanzon vs Annabelle Rama
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The two are in a word war after Guanzon accused Rama’s daughter Ruffa Gutierrez of allegedly firing two of her house helpers without giving them their salaries.

Guanzon first wrote about her accusation against Gutierrez through a blind item.

“My friend has to rescue two household helpers who were thrown out of a first class village by their employers without paying their salaries. Where is your compassion?” she tweeted.

Eventually, she dropped the name of the actress by saying: “Ms Ruffa Gutierrez is is true?”

Ruffa immediately responded to the accusation.

According to her, the accusation against her is not true. She added that there was an incident taking place in their house while she was on the set of the movie, Maid in Malacañang.

Allegedly, the two house helpers- who have been with her for only two weeks are teaming up to quarrel with the mayordoma or butler serving her for almost 18 years.

The actress added that whenever she’s not around, the two new house helpers rage with their fellow helpers, exclaiming they wanted to leave her house.

Ruffa said she did not want the helpers to leave all of a sudden because she wanted to talk to them first.

Amid the controversy, her mother Annabelle Rama posted a tirade on social media against “chismosang marites”.

Meanwhile, Rowena Guanzon, a retired Comelec commissioner took to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she posted a “patama” to Annabelle Rama.

“No, thanks! pinapasuweldo ko ng maayos ang mga kasambahay namin,” she wrote.

Rama has yet to respond in her “bardagulan” with Guanzon.

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