3 People Shot in Batasan Hills, Quezon City

Still Unidentified Suspects Shot 3 People in Batasan Hills

PEOPLE – Three (3) individuals were shot in Batasan Hills, Quezon City by still unidentified suspects aboard a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of incidents that take place daily and leave several families grieving over what was done to their loved ones and crying for justice. Some of these incidents are considered accidents or those that were unplanned while others were seemingly planned with an intention to hurt.

Currently, there are still previous cases that were yet to be solved and the authorities are still on the move to capture the ones behind those incidents. Several incidents have left the victims injured or dead.

Another unfortunate incident has recently taken place in Batasan Hills. Three (3) people were shot in Batasan Hills.

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Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Quezon City Police District Station 7 deputy commander Police Major Kenneth Leaño said that two (2) men aboard a motorcycle were responsible for the death of another man and the injuries of two (2) more people in the area.

Leaño said that the suspects went off from their motorcycle in Kalinisan Street and went near the victim identified as alyas Eloy. They shot him while the victim was walking and it resulted in his death.

Two (2) more people, a man and a woman who were seemingly not part of the target, got involved in the incident. The man obtained a wound at his back while the woman has at her arm and knee. Currently, the PNP is investigating the incident to determine the motive of the suspects. The family of the victim has yet to give a statement as they were shocked by what happened to him.

The authorities will be looking for clear CCTV footage taken near the area when the incident happened. The police believe that the other (2) victims were not really targets in the incident and it just happened that they were walking along Eloy who was the target when the suspects lodged their motive.

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