Lugaw Worth P2 in Valenzuela Captured the Hearts of Netizens; Here’s the Story Behind

Meet Mang Romy, the man behind the 2-pesos lugaw of Valenzuela

LUGAW – With only two pesos, everyone will get to enjoy a bowl of porridge in Valenzuela.

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Lugaw is a glutinous rice dish or porridge. It is widely regarded as comfort food.

Traditionally, it is made by boiling glutinous rice or regular white rice along with salt, garlic, and ginger; or alternatively, sugar.

It is typically prepared for breakfast and during cold and rainy weather. It is also commonly served to people who are sick or bedridden, and to very young children and the elderly.

A bowl of porridge usually costs more or less 20 pesos.

But did you know there’s a lugaw in Valenzuela that only costs two (2) pesos?

Vlogger Manuel Olazao went to Valenzuela to personally try the two-peso specialty at Mang Romy’s Lugawan.

Romy shared that someone once asked him how much is his bowl of porridge. He replied that it was only two pesos.

“Merong kumain sa akin, magkano ho lugaw niyo? Sabi ko, dalawampiso. Mura. Edi subukan niyo, kako. Pag di niyo nagustuhan, iwanan niyo na. Dahil sa halagang dalawampiso, wala nang halaga yung dalawampiso ngayon,” he said.

When asked if he’s earning with his lugaw that’s worth more than a penny, he said: “Hindi kumikita.”

He also explained why he did not increase the price of his lugaw in order to earn more.

Although he earns less in his lugaw business, he takes enough profit by selling “tokwa’t baboy.”

Because of the reason why he continued to sell lugaw without a big income, many were touched and inspired.

“He’s not just doing business, he’s doing HUMANITY,” a netizen said.

Another netizen is hoping that many would emulate such attitude of Mang Romy.

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