Lady Fastfood Crew at Drive-Thru Attends Online Class While Working

Lady Fastfood Crew at Drive-Thru Goes Viral for Attending Online Class While Working

A lady fastfood crew at a drive-thru has been spotted attending her online class while taking orders from customers.

A female student named Lyngel Fuertes goes viral online after she has been spotted taking orders from customers at a Jollibee drive-thru while attending her online class. The young lady earned praises and admiration from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the drive-thru crew is busy taking orders from customers while attending her online class. She has been caught by the store’s assistant manager Alvin Asis using her mobile phone while working.

Lady Fastfood Crew

Luckily, Lyngel’s supervisor decided to let it go instead of reprimanding the crew after he saw her attending her online class.

“Nung oras po kasi na yan, nag-on floor po ako and then nagcheck po ako ng drive-thru, nakita ko po si Lyngel nagce-cellphone that time, So pagsasabihan ko sana siya nung oras na ‘yun. Pero nung nakita kong nag o-online class pala siya, parang natigilan akong pagsabihan siya,” Asis said.

However, Fuertes got nervous after she has been caught and was not able to ask permission.

“Di rin po ako nakapagpaalam that time. Yung tenga ko nasa kabilang phone tas ‘yung isa nasa customer. Pero finocus ko po muna ‘yung sa customer kasi po, ako po ‘yung nasa drive-thru nga po. After po ‘nun, binalikan ko na lang po ‘yung online class ko po,” Lyngel said.

Fuertes has also expressed her gratitude towards Asis for giving her consideration and understanding.

Lady Fastfood Crew

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Lady Fastfood Crew

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