Adorable Cat Being Protective of Its Snack Goes Viral Online

Video of Adorable Cat Protecting Its Favorite Snack Goes Viral Online

The video footage of an adorable cat being protective of its snack goes viral online and elicits comments from the netizens.

Cat has been one of the most popular animals in various countries all around the world. A lot of people prefer to adopt cats as their pets because of their physical appearance and friendly behavior similar to dogs.

However, some cats have become possessive of a toy or even a human being.

Adorable Cat

A TikTok user named “Kimsyaf20” has shared the video footage of her adorable cat being protective of its snack. The video start to circulate on social media and garnered reactions from the online community.

It can be seen that the cat was being protective of its snack by holding it tightly in its arms. The adorable pet refused to let go of the delicious treat while being carried by a young lady. It might be the cat’s favorite snack.

The adorable creature hugs the snack, which was identified as an Apollo pandan-flavored layer cake. She does not allow anyone to get his snack away from her. The kitty appears to grumble in disagreement every time someone would touch the snack.

The person behind the camera succeeds to take the snack but the cat hugged his master and seek comfort like a child. However, the latter immediately returned the snack and the cat quickly grabs it and holds on tightly.

The cat also received a second snack. The cheeky cat seems to show any reactions after the incident.

Adorable Cat

However, some netizens expressed their dismay at the person who repeatedly teased the cat and worried that its behavior might become aggressive.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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