Xian Gaza Spotted Joshua Garcia at a Bar; Shares their Encounter

The encounter between Xian Gaza and Joshua Garcia at a bar

XIAN GAZA – The so-called social media influencer took to Facebook wherein he shared his encounter with Joshua Garcia at a bar.

Xian Gaza and Joshua Garcia
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Gaza has been known for his series of claims and pronouncements against well-known celebrities.

Aside from his exposé on social media, he is also prominent for his extravagant date proposals to celebrities.

In fact, he once bought a car as a gift to his TikTok crush, Yukii Takahashi and his most popular stint to date is when he asked Blackpink member Jennie for a date via a billboard poster.

On the other hand, Joshua rose to fame when he became part of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: All In as a contestant.

Before joining PBB, he used to be a member of the Batangas cultural dance group, the Sining Kumintang.

After his PBB stint, he ventured into acting. His critically acclaimed performances in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival top-grosser Vince and Kath and James and in the primetime series The Good Son skyrocketed his career.

He also starred in various TV series such as Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita, The Greatest Love, Ngayon at Kailanman, and The Killer Bride as well as movies like Love You to the Stars and Back, Unexpectedly Yours, I Love You, Hater, and Block Z.

Recently, Xian went to the social networking site, Facebook wherein he shared that he spotted Joshua Garcia at a bar.

Here’s their encounter according to Xian:

JOSHUA GARCIA: (dumaan sa harap ko)
ME: “l love yoouuuuu Joshuuuaaaaaa!!!”
JOSHUA & GIRL: (tumitig for 5 seconds, minukhaan ako)
ME: “I love you, Joshua! I love you! Mahal kita!”
JOSHUA & GIRL: (nakatitig lang sila, tumuro si Joshua, teka parang kilala namin ‘to ah)

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